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Certification. Conformity Certificates of wheeled vehicle for customs clearance and for registration. Conformity Certificates of services and management systems in road transport. Activity on approval of conformity of vehicles, their parts and equipment, according to European requirements.
Tests. Testing Centre of Wheeled Vehicles (within SRTRI) is accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 and also designated as Ukraines Technical Service under the 1958 Geneva Agreement. The Centre conducts tests of vehicles of all categories and their parts, regular and alternative motor fuels, vehicle and engine conformity with Euro emission standards.
Conversion. Preparation of engineering assessment documents for conversion of wheeled vehicles and their parts, according to Law of Ukraine On Traffic, to be used for new registration of converted vehicles.
Fuel consumption norms. Development of temporary and permanent fuel consumption norms by wheeled vehicles. Expert assessment and registration of fuel consumption norms by special equipment.
ECMT and International Technical Inspection Certificates. Assessment of roadworthiness of vehicles, according to ECMT Resolution and 1997 Vienna Agreement, and issuing of related certificates. ECMT ITIC. Cards for Digital Tachographs. SRTRI conducts card issuing and card circulation servicing during the life-cycle.
Organisation of transportation. Audit of enterprises, companies and laboratories, aimed at certification of services and also at attestation as Classification Body (bus comfort), Working Body of Tender Committee, other services for carriers. Audit of passenger flow intensity. Development of passports (major requirements) for bus routs.
Mandatory technical inspection. Examination of wheeled vehicles technical state during the mandatory technical inspection.
Design work. Development of design documentation for construction and renovation of road transport infrastructures objects, as well as industrial, commercial and residential buildings and external networks. Typical design solutions.
Documents and VIN-codes. Delivery to wheeled vehicles manufacturers of World Manufacturer Identification (WMI) codes and symbols (VIS), which form vehicles VIN-codes.
Retraining. SRTRI conducts seminars for enhancing knowledge and qualification of managers and experts of road transport companies.
Accident Cards. Development of driver manuals to act in case of accidents (Accident Cards) associated with dangerous goods carriage, according to European Agreement Concerning International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road.

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